Our Team

David Catsoulis

Managing Director / Chief Geologist

David is a Senior Gold Exploration Geologist with 35 years of national and international experience. He is a Geotechnical Engineering specialist with strong economic geological skills and experience at all levels of the resource Industry sector from Oil, Gas, Iron Ore, Coal and in particular in Gold mining operations.

David has great planning and scheduling skills having progressed through various positions in several senior management roles with some of the world’s largest mining companies including BHP. David has worked in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet discovering several multi-million-dollar large resources for major companies.

David brings to this project an extensive knowledge of the outback and its resources, as well as many years of know how in working in a team environment under tough arid conditions. For this mining project in PNG, David has established a strong relationship with the Traditional Owners of Maprik enabling this project to get the green light having earnt their valued trust having been on and off site over the past two years.

Rohan Hills

Executive Director / Chief Technologies Officer

Rohan is highly experienced in Information Technology and managing business solutions. He has managed up to 45 staff of Programmers and Developers across 4 continents, with the deployment of technology systems.


Rohan holds a Certificate in Business Management, including Team Management, Team education and Training, Work Place Health and Safety, Customer Relationship Management, Meeting / Project Management and Conflict Resolution training. He holds a Certificate in Small Business Management including bookkeeping and Work Place Health and Safety components.

Melissa Curtis

Non Executive Director / Company Secretary

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Melissa has been involved directly in the Hotel Management as the account’s payroll and HR exec for several major hotel groups. Her experience saw her at the leading edge of the industry for over 20 years. Since that time, she has run her own successful business gaining valuable experience in private enterprise and is currently consulted to over 2000 clients in the construction and building industry in sales and administration. As an Executive team administrator and company secretary, Melissa has very strong organisational, time management and interpersonal skills. Experienced within the finance and corporate industry she has excellent written and verbal communication skills. Proofing of documentation and contracts with her advanced computer and Microsoft Office skills are invaluable in any organisation. Experienced in both Client liaising, travel coordination, presentations and attending meetings, Melissa has traveled to PNG and met with key local landowners from the Maprik Goldfield who now coordinate and interrelate with her as an integral PGL team member.

Jack Smit

Chairman / Non Executive Director 

Jack Smit is a highly experienced company Director with 50 years of private and corporate business experience behind him. Jack has raised capital and run many successful enterprises in a variety of sectors including the Building and Mining Sectors.

Jack’s most recent enterprise is a UK listing for an Accounting Software Technology called Accloud which has the potential to revolutionise the SME accounting sector in developing economies like India and elsewhere in SE Asia. Jack is a visionary investor and committed sponsor for developing new initiatives at the forefront of their fields and is dedicated to seeing PGL Gold reach its ultimate goal of mining and extracting gold from the Maprik Goldfield.

Roderick Bagla

GM PNG Operations


Roderik is a native-born member of the East Sepik Region whose family are well known and based in Wewak. Rod’s family have resided in the East Sepik capital of Wewak for over 50 years and are very well-respected corporate and financial services family within the district. Rod has developed a wide range of skills and contacts in his professional career in particular in Gold and trading business and in operating of local alluvial gold projects. Rod has many local associates and connections within the Wewak and Maprik region whom are of great assistance to the company and its endeavors’ there and has a very big reputation and commands the respect of the local village people in Maprik as our Regional Manager.

Chris Burns

Chief Executive Officer


Chris brings a great deal of experience to the company. Having worked in PNG and Asia Pacific with large mining and engineering companies such as Rio Tinto and BlueScope, Chris was the Chief Operating Officer for The Sovereign Corporation of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, responsible for the management of State Owned Enterprises, Utilities, State investment interests and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) initiatives with $2.2 billion AUM responsibility.


Chris also has previously been a director at Deloitte concentrating on Mergers and Acquisitions in the very space that PGL Gold are currently operating in. Whilst with Rio Tinto, Chris was an insider of the BHP Billiton takeover defence team and was the Business Development Manager covering Shanghai & Singapore. Chris was responsible for Asian logistics and supply chain integration at BlueScope operating in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and India with a logistics spend of $100 million. Chris has been involved in the recovery of assets in the Isabel Nickel Project in the Solomon Islands.


Chris also worked as National Logistics Manager for Dupont whereby he was responsible for multi-site national logistics, cross border import / export, customs, distribution safety and security. Support to New Zealand operations and Asia Pacific warehouse management team. Contract distribution centre management locations were in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Moree.


Sub-specialisations in hazardous and dangerous good storage, distribution and management. Chris holds a bachelor of business in transport logistics management and master’s degree in diplomacy and trade gained at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Monash Centre in Canberra.

Kamal Kumar Karia

Chief Financial Officer

Kamal derives from a well to do Indian family based out of London, UK. He has travelled the world many times over as an entrepreneur seeking various investment opportunities.

As an Entrepreneur he became aware of the plight of the poor and disenfranchised people of West Africa and founded a Free hospital to take care of these people’s needs. As Vice Chairman of the Holy Family Trust (Free Hospital in Guinea Conakry, West Africa) he continues to support and administer this humanitarian organisation.

Kamal is responsible for much other work in the humanitarian sector both in Africa and India which has resulted in his current position as CEO of the NTM group and Miracle Technologies medical initiatives. 

Kamal has also worked as a software Engineer and property developer in Mumbai, India.

Along with his other broad based business skills Kamal has worked as a Banker founding his own private bank in India and as a finance manager and promoter.

Kamal is currently a Director of Thames Funding and Asset Management in Hong Kong.

Kamal has extensive experience as a Mining promoter in Gold and diamonds both in Lesotho, Sth Africa and Indonesia. Later on Kamal became a skilled Diamond trader and dealer based in Mumbai, India.

Brian Thomson

Operations Manager – PNG


Brian has had over 30 years experience on all forms of Earthworks machinery as well as many years field experience with mechanical maintenance and site operations on a number of mining related worksites around the Alice Springs/Northern Territory regions. 

Derrick Bagla

PNG Site Manager


Derrick comes from a well respected local Wewak family and together with his brother Roderik they form an integral part of the Impact Gold – PNG Team.


Derrick has worked extensively throughout PNG in various roles since leaving school, his primary skill base relates to the operation of Heavy machinery in road making and earth moving environments.


Derrick is a senior operating manager for Impact Gold PNG and will be a huge and well respected asset to the local team as the site manager.

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