Investor Summary


Impact Gold Ltd’s major objective is to become a major producer of alluvial gold in the ESP region of Papua New Guinea while at the same time being an integral part of the local people of the region with a target of delivering new services, infrastructure, education opportunities and housing development.


Problem & Solution

Problem: To raise a sufficient amount of working capital to be deployed to be able to implement the full alluvial mining plan so gravity based, environmentally sensitive, alluvial mining operations planned for the Screw River, Maprik Region of ESP, PNG can begin in October, 2021. Whilst Covid 19 and local industries are shutting down around the country, we are a bright light on the horizon with no cases of the Covid virus or its variants having being reported within the working areas. The company needs to raise the balance of its working capital, CAPEX and OPEX requirements ie. $10M to complete its mission to begin production at the first three (3) high grade alluvial gold targets in the Nth Maprik project area.


Solution: We have built a robust IM capable of raising $10M and have launched it into the Professional Investor market in Australia, India, USSR and the UK. We have also evidenced in our Geological report the discovery of a vast new, world class goldfield in PNG, which has a target resource equal to anything on the world stage at present ie. over 1100 tonnes of alluvial gold. In so doing, we are announcing to the world the fact that, the very rich and shallow alluvial gold contained in this Maprik Goldfield region is able to be extracted cheaply and very profitably over the coming years beginning initially at 2000kgs per month and growing steadily from thereon. Now we have a clear line of sight to our target and the gold we will begin to generate within 3 to 4 months of the new capital being raised.


Competitive Advantage

▪︎ Impact Gold has secured a local Papua New Guinea licence for proprietary exploration use of the Resonance Frequency Geo Technology (“RFGT”) which provides rapid and accurate (>95%) delineation of the location, quality and quantity of mineral resources up to a 6km depth (can pinpoint the locations of known resources).

▪︎ RFGT has enabled Impact Gold to determine the economic viability of each of its exploration areas and subsequent Alluvial Mining Licenses (“AML’s”) by mapping the composition and resource geometry; geological object boundary in plan; high- grade gold bedding depth and thicknesses; and other factors.


How will the new funds be used?

The funds will be used to cover a variety of expenses, including working capital and operational expenses, machinery costs, materials, T&A costs, rental and lease costs, and more. We expect to expend at least half of the new capital on Capex purchases for heavy equipment items for Civil and mining works and another $2.5M on a new spiral gravity plant to increase our overall gravity processing capacity for extracting gold from the high grade, alluvial gold ores.


Exit Strategy

► Company Liquidity event (plan)

  • IPO in Q3/4 2022 – Planned for London Stock Exchange (LSE) or Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with a 12-Month revenue profile / history.


Milestones Achieved

▪︎ 3 Major Gold regions already discovered utilising the RFGT technology.

▪︎ The Company’s 5 AML’s were granted in June 2021. The 1st 5 AML Leases contain over 39T of shallow alluvial gold equivalent to A$2.8Bn of free gold

▪︎ Exploration Licences Status: awarded, in good standing for the next 5 years

▪︎ Exploration Licences Status: awarded, in good standing

▪︎ Confidential new EL’s applications New Britain, New Ireland, Maprik, Madang, Hoskins, Kavieng.

▪︎ Joint Ventures Status: awarded, in good standing

▪︎ The Sowom/ North Maprik 50 / 50 Joint Venture

▪︎ Joint Venture Agreement with local landowners secured

▪︎ Confidential new AMLA’s 48 tonne(s) Sowom Au resource @ 95% purity


High Calibre Team

▪︎ Jack Smit (Chairman / Non-Executive Director)

▪︎ David Catsoulis (Managing Director / Chief Geologist)

▪︎ Rohan Hills (Executive Director/Chief Technology Officer)

▪︎ Melissa Curtis (Company Secretary)

▪︎ Mark Hardgrave (Proposed Non-Executive Director)

▪︎ Craig Astill (Executive Director – Nominee)

▪︎ Sir Michael Bromley (PNG Special Consultant)