Indian Goldfield Business

The Union government has charged the Minerals Exploration Corporation Limited with conducting a feasibility study, to re-evaluate whether mining operations are feasible and to analyse whether reviving the historic Kolar Gold Mines Ltd (KGML) / BGML can be turned into a profitable venture by using new technologies. A preliminary feasibility study has been submitted to the Union Ministry of Mines in August this year. Senior officials within the Department of Mines and Geology in Karnataka said that Pralhad Joshi and Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa had discussed the issue in late August and had decided to revive the mining operations as the study had indicated profitable operations”. 

David Catsoulis our Chief Geologist and Managing Director has a 12 year history managing the revival of the KGML Operations.
He is one of the most qualified technical persons to be invited to revive these historic mining operations. He has advised that he and his Indian team has recently been invited to participate in the revival process and the public company he presently manages Impact Gold Ltd have taken an interest in the revival of this historic mine.
David says that he and his technical team and the Board of Impact Gold are very interested in this opportunity and he is willing to look further into the proposal to assist the GOI / GOK to reinvigorate the Mine. He is aware that there are many additional assets to be contemplated in taking consideration of the BGML Mining operations including the development of a 3500 Acre industrial park and medical centre for which he advises that the Impact Gold Advisory Board already holds interest from 2 very experienced Australian medical Doctors (recently retired) who have plans to build a world class medical centre within the Kolar precinct and also develop a major IT focused research center and new Medical Research Institute within the same Precinct.
All going well Impact Gold would take up the Mining process in Kolar using its highly experienced team of professionals and construct a world class medical research institute which would partly focus on the development of a Bionic Kidney using cellular manufactured nano materials membrane developed by ancillary members of the current Impact Gold medical team.
David has a daughter who suffers from Chronic Kidney illness and she is the focus and or main reason for the new research into construction of the Bionic kidney project.”
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