Low Scale Power Generation

Impact Gold LTD are focused on providing technology and infrastructure that will assist the local communities well into the future. As part of this commitment however any source of power generation must have little or no impact to the local environment once installed.

As part of this process we have investigated a number of options to provide Low Scale power generation to local villages. These options will vary depending on available natural energy sources such as Hydro generation, Wind Farm generation and Solar Generation and Storage. 

Hydro Power Generation


Impact Gold LTD is investigating the use of Eco-Friendly Hydro power generation such as that provided by Belgium based company called Turbulent Hydro.

Their power generation units can be installed into creeks and rivers that have a suitable Head and Flow to allow the units to maintain suitable ongoing production of electricity. This can then be stored into battery banks or used as an off-grid system.

Small Scale Wind Generation


The use of small scale wind generators combined with battery bank storage can provide a suitable level of power to provide safety lighting etc around the local communities. 

Wind generation is reliant upon suitable weather conditions and availability of non-impeded space to provide the capacity required. 

Small Scale Solar Farm


With Battery technologies advancing at a never before seen rate the use of Small scale solar farms is becoming a highly profitable and suitable source of off-grid power. 


Due to the high levels of solar energy available in PNG a combination of technologies may present as a best option with Solar being the primary source of electricity generation